Beyond his wonderful persona, you shall discover a true artist in the purist sense of the word as you just need to glide through Fernando's portfolio to discover his artistic sensibility and versatility. Elegantly juggling through different mediums and styles, he has the ability to transcend the visual essence of his clients needs while retaining his artistic uniqueness.
Senior Art Director at EIDOS MONTREAL
Fernando is one of the best and brightest artists with which I had the opportunity to work. He is conscientious, fast and his works are worth recommending. Working with him was a pleasure.
Fernando is 100% pure artist, nowadays is really hard to find someone who loves art so much like him. If you're looking for someone who is filled with passion and dedication Fernando is a best person to talk to.
Game Director at CDPROJEKT RED and Program Director at PROMISE LAND ART FESTIVAL
Fernando is a constant reminder of why I love working in the games industry. His passion, dedication and the quality of his work are inspiring to others around him. I constantly look forward to our next interaction while working with him. He’s got that perfect mix of talent and personality. He’s highly skilled yet calm and humble. I’m honored to get to work and learn from him every day. Keep being amazing Fernando!
Principal Technical Artist at RIOT GAMES
As you might gather from his many recommendations and accolades, Fernando is an incredible and unique artist. And he is just an all around badass when it comes to graphic design and UI. He has a warm, welcoming personality and is clearly passionate about art in all its forms. I very highly recommend hiring him as once you do, you won't understand how your studio ever worked without him.
Art Director at ATOMHAWK DESIGN Ltd
I´ve worked with Fernando on 2 very different projects and teams. In one of them I had the pleasure to work with him directly on some marketing related materials. 
There is no hyperbole when I say that I´ve rarely had such an easy and satisfying work relationship where some feedback meetings actually started with "well... ship it". 
No matter what the task was Fernando always delivered the highest possible outcome while keeping his positive and professional attitude. 
I highly recommend Fernando and I´d love to work with him again a third time. 
Head of 3D, Real-Time & Next Reality at MAIBORNWOLFF GmbH
Producing gorgeous, lush artwork, and a wide variety of styles, Fernando brings an evocative and confident feeling to any projects he touches. He can cover anything from highly graphically stylised web/ print design, to esoteric and emotionally driven imagery. His graphic design and UI work contribute hugely to an emotional connection to a project for the user, yet also cover practical, functional readability in the game front end screens and interfaces. I hope very much to work with Fernando again, and can highly recommend his work and attitude to any prospective employer needing something that delivers way beyond the classic 'collection of boxes' UI so often used as a default. Fernando is also insightful, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with.
Senior Art Director at WARGAMING BERLIN
Fernando’s work is strewn all over the Witcher 3 – from the dynamic HUD all the way to the beautiful little pieces of art that litters Geralt’s inventory. And on top of all this, he is also an accomplished illustrator with countless publications to his name. 
Yet many times with talented artists as he, they can be egocentric and hard to work with; hell-bent on their work being front and center. That has not been my experience with Fernando; quite the opposite in fact. He’s easy to talk to, collaborative, and above all empathetic. And it is because of his wonderful personality that I’ve developed an easy friendship with him, as I am sure others lucky enough to know him undoubtedly will in the future – just right after they find him by his brilliant art..
Associate Gameplay Director at
2K - Hangar13 
I was lucky to have Fernando in my production team at CD PROJEKT RED. Fernando is one of the most positive and hardworking artists I've met. Although his superb skills he was always humble and helpful. His passion for constantly improving his knowledge and creating beautiful things was as admirable as his personality. Sadly I don’t meet people from South America that often, but Fernando inspired me and visiting his motherland jumped right into my bucket list. If all Colombians are half as friendly and creative it must be a beautiful region.
Senior Producer / Project Manager at 11 BITE STUDIOS 
Fernando's work is a delicate mixture between design and a stylized fantasy drawing . His compositions, often surreal, are perhaps extensions of this world, born from observation and intuition and become poetic images. What he is generating at the end is an image with a tangible commitment to the drawing, textures, calligraphy and arrangement of forms. Fernando is an undeniably sensitive artist.
Colombian  Painter
Besides being highly detailed and beautifully crafted, Fernando’s work shows a clear understanding of typography and design. It’s impeccably balanced, layered with narrative, profound, and over all, original.
It’s the same when it comes to the artist; His work is a clear reflection of its creator. Fernando is a real professional, committed to deliver his best in every project, on time and with the best attitude.
Illustrator / Owner at STUDIO ESPINOSA
Fernando Forero is one of the most dedicated and prolific Graphic Designers I’ve ever met. His talents include not only Graphic Design but also Illustration and Typography. This variety of tools combined on his works create clear and also highly attractive pieces of design. His typographic works reflect the kind of organized, clear and respectful individual he is while adding an imaginative and out-of-the-box edge to it.
His Illustrations stand out with his solid and very recognizable style.
I strongly recommend him as Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Typographer.
Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Artist
I worked with Fernando on a huge and complex project for MTV. Without his illustration skills we would not have completed the project and it remains one of the best our agency has produced to date. He has a pure talent and unique style which is second to none. This was his first animation project and he learned very fast, the animation team were very impressed with his skills and they found him easy to work and communicate with. And, also a nice humble dude.
Founder / Creative Director at 77 CREATIVE
Fernando brings a very unique perspective to the world of illustrated art. The detail in his drawings is phenomenal while his subject matter is anything but conventional. Fernando is a rare breed of artist whose passionate heart dictates his pen. His work is so stunning, MTV had to incorporate his stills into a moving framework
Internet Project & Content Manager at MTV NETWORKS EUROPE
Fernando is a delight to work with. He has exceptional intuition and creates spot-on designs that stand out. His work is unique but always fits the personality of the event or business. He is responsive to the needs of the client and delivers work on time. I wholeheartedly recommend Fernando as a reliable and talented professional.
Executive Director at POLISH CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE | Personal Leadership Coach

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